SITM: Michigan State vs. Ohio State WSG/ Paul Konyndyk of Spartan Mag; Michigan vs. Northwestern ‘ish’

The / @a2iwheels guestline presents Spartan Mag’s Paul Konyndyk during Friday’s 2-for-1 episode of Sports in the Mitten with Adam Biggers and John Gustin. 

Part 1 of the show features Adam and John further dissecting the College Football Playoff contender’s remaining schedules while touching on Michigan vs. Northwestern. Can the Wolverines get it done on the road?

Adam doesn’t think so, and neither does John, who’ll pod-cast his reaction to tonight’s Pistons vs. Bucks game. 



PK leads Part 2 of today’s show by analyzing Joey Bosa, the Buckeyes O- and D-lines and J.T. Barrett. The Spartan Mag insider also talks about how facing Michigan benefited the Spartans up front while also discussing basketball star Denzel Valentine. 

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